This is the wine that ‘Nonno Plinio’ started his business with. Every morning he filled his tanks and put them in his van, taking them to his clients that were eagerly waiting for him with their demijohns ready to be filled (and of course bread and salami).

We keep producing it just like back then, with the same traditional methods.

Bardolino Classic is a simple but elegant wine, like a man of the past that still loves tradition, a friend to accompany you every day and that never lets you down.

Two different packagings are available for our Rose Classic, as is for our Bardolino DOC Classic:

  • Classic style, with a micro-granulated cork for those who love the gesture of uncorking
  • Modern style, young and practical with a screw cap
Bardolino DOC - Merum-Bardolino - 2016
Bardolino DOC - Merum - 2018
Bardolino DOC Classico
Bardolino DOC Classico - 02