The story of
The Marchesini Winery

The Marchesini Winery is a family run business that gets its true strength from years and years of hard work, passion and love of the vineyards.

Wine has always been more of a passion
for our family
than a business.

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Our dear Grandfather “nonno Plinio,” was the one who started this truly amazing experience for our family. After the war, he saved all he could to buy a tractor so that he could continue his family’s tradition of working on the land of Count Cavazzocca of Lazise. Just as his family had done for 200 years before him, he put all his time and energy into doing his best. He worked so hard that in little time he managed to purchase not only the Count’s house but also his first vineyard, the one our family still owns and known as “i santi”, where we still cultivate the grapes today for the production of our Bardolino.

The late Plinio Marchesini turned his passion for wine into a true profession in the 60’s when he started to produce cask wine, selling it door to door in the whole North of Italy, completely inserting himself into the vast pandora of the Veneto viticulture wineries.

In the 80’s, a whole 20 years later, Marcello Marchesini, the son of Plinio took over the family business putting into it the experience he had obtained over the years working in other wineries in the area and bringing a fresh breath of new idea’s to the family business. Nonno Plinio had experienced the difficulties of the time, of hunger and of hard work and effort with all the difficulties of farm life and so was more concentrated on quantity rather than quality. His son Marcello however, continued the family business with extreme importance on quality and so changed the vision of the business. This is how the new wines were introduced, they were all exclusively bottled wines such as Bardolino Chiaretto DOC and San Fermo, a red wine produced in a limited amount with the Corvina and Merlot grapes.

The Marchesini family evolved again in the new millennium with another change in generation and also in the way of running the business. Marcello passed the conduction of the family business onto his daughters Erika and Giorgia giving a feminine touch to the company.
Giorgia is an enologist, following through the process of vinification together with her father Marcello, working in the wine cellar and in the vines. Erika takes care of the administrative and commercial part and also the wine tasting and sales point.

Both sisters agree on following in their fathers footsteps, respecting his way of thinking by producing excellent quality wines but are at the same time giving great importance to producing sustainable wines.

The Marchesini Family have taken the very important decision in completely eliminating chemical weed killers, pesticides and to reduce to the minimum possible the use of phytomedicine, as to the indications given by “Lotta Integrata Regione Veneto” in order to protect and preserve the territory and the biodiversity present in the land.

Today the Marchesini wines are recognised and enjoyed not only in Italy but also around the world. Through Europe, not only in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark but we also have representatives in the United States and have recently opened the doors to the Chinese market.


Grapes and vines:
this is where it all started

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We currently produce 900 quintals of grapes from 12 hectares of land distributed between 4 different vineyards. All our native vines are situated in the Bardolino Classic area just south-east of Lake Garda, the true heart of this type of local Veronese wine.

Lake Garda plays a fundamental role in the success of our products. The particularly mild climatical conditions all year round, contribute to making the land one of the most adapt for the cultivation of the vines. Lake Garda was originally formed by the left over glaciers descending into the valley making this beautiful area the one it is today, contributing to the characteristic rich mineral land, warm, dry and full of sand, rock and gravel, the perfect environment for our grapes to grow in and give birth to our wonderful wines.

We use different grapes in order to make our Bardolino wine: the Corvina grape that gives body and structure, the Corvinone, an older type of Corvina, giving us the opportunity to discover the original taste of Bardolino, just like once upon a time. The Rondinella and the Molinara, that give not only a lightness but also sapidity. We also cultivate Chardonnay, Garganega and Merlot in our vineyards and use these grapes to produce our white wines I santi, San Fermo IGP and our straw wine Erigiò.


How our wines are produced

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Our vineyards are raised by pergola and guyot in order to give the grapes the right temperature and the best protection possible. If the vintage is too plentiful then we sometimes have to remove the extra bunches in order to permit the vines to give all its energy to the remaining bunches in order to get the best quality grapes.

The controlled production (approx. 800/900 hectolitre per year) allows us to follow with great attention all the phases of vinification, starting straight from the work on the land itself. From the green summer pruning to the selection of the bunches, to the September picking period, all the viticulture works are exclusively done manually.
Once the bunches are taken into the cellar, we try our best to preserve them in whole and we pay great attention to the temperature of the wine itself, especially during the fermentation. For the Bardolino Chiaretto, this is a very delicate time: the slower and colder the fermentation, the more aromas will be drawn out from the wine.

Our traditional methods are put side by side with new technology and modern day progressive machinery in order to ensure the best production of the grapes. The passage from the central pneumatic membrane press allows us to extract the flower must from the skins, thus starting the process of fermentation with qualitative characteristics superior to any other pressing system. This method is particularly beneficial for white wines and Bardolino Chiaretto: its not just us that thinks this, it can be demonstrated by the numerous awards obtained by our wines at a national and international level.


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