Grapes and vines

The Bardolino grapes.

The cultivation process of the vines is based on a strong commitment, verification and use of the most appropriate agronomic practices in order to minimise the use of pesticides.    Every vineyard is managed with an important way of thinking by taking into consideration and protecting the environment, respecting biodiversity according to the practice of integrated pest management.

The Bardolino grape is the one most present in our vineyards and those that contribute to the specification for the production of Bardolino Classic DOC.

The Corvina – the queen of red grapes necessary for the production of Bardolino (40%). he Corvina grape is of fundamental importance for our Bardolino wine not only giving full body and structure to the wine but also a spicy note that is typical of the Bardolino Classic DOC.

 The Corvinione – a piece of history in Bardolino today (20%) Planted in the new vineyards in 2011, we have given particular importance to this type of grape variety Corvina’s oldest, which gives us the possibility to rediscover the traditional flavours of Bardolino, just like once-apon-a-time.

The Rodinella 
A vine that we truly believe is very important for the Bardolino wine: grown in planting density (double pergola). Pruning taking place in green summer selecting only the best grapes, in order to achieve a good balance between vegetation and production, a key condition to ensure the excellent return from the grapes.

The Molinara – lightness and flavour
A well know vine in the past that we have been wanting to put into our production in order to ensure a typical, traditional wine, especially tasty with a light ruby colour.
All wines come from grapes of our production: we grow, even Chardonnay, Garganega and Merlot.