The eastern hills of Garda.

Le-colline-moreniche-del-Garda-2The Bardolino Classic wine area is nestled in the south-east of Lake Garda.

This is where the big moraine theatre takes place thanks to the particularly mild weather conditions that contribute to making it one of the most suitable areas for viticulture, thanks to the mild winters of the lake.

The morainic hills of Lake Garda originate from the accumulation of rock materials detached from the mountain walls due to the erosions by glaciers in ancient times.

The Marchesini vineyard is located in a typical glacial land where hot, dry, sandy components along with rich and very skeleton (pebbles, gravel) give the wine the expression and good balance of which the vine needs.

These are often characterized by pleasing colours that are not necessarily full, fresh flowers and remarkable flavour with excellent persistence.